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Enroute has been the pioneer in developing and implementing integrated business strategies since its inception in 2008.

Targeted at benefiting the client’s business and all its stakeholders by developing a transformational approach Enroute has collaborated with many local and international companies of a selected segment. With a team of extremely passionate individuals, Enroute is defined by its people and management.

Growing customer expectations and constantly changing markets need the highest level of recruitment. Bringing new talent into the firm Enroute has always envisioned for the future. An intelligent rate of recruitments to deliver quick and precise solutions to its clients has always been the primary goal for the company.


Expert In Business Process


Enroute International Limited is one of the reputed business process outsourcing (bpo) company in Bangladesh operating over a decade and counting. With undeniable success in the local industry the roots of the company goes deep into company client relationships. We offer a long term partnership which ensures the opportunities for our clients and gives them a competitive edge over rivals through adept outsourcing options. Read More

Empowering Organizations Through


Enroute Management Consulting (EMC) is a leading recruiting agency in Bangladesh with a large number of certified and experienced business teams working closely with national and international strategic partners. We are one of the few HR recruitment companies with a reputation for the best talent sourcing, headhunting, skill recruitment, and HR consulting. EMC is unique in providing a complete solution through managing business growth. Read More

Creating Organizational Leadership With

executive education

ECDL. has led the way to cater the market with the required Education and Skills through comprehensive executive coaching designed and envisioned to elevate the candidates. Since its inception it has contributed vastly into the learning & development of its partners & candidates. We have partnered with and served for Government Officials, Development Sector (NGO, iNGO), Telco, FMCG, Bank and Non-Banking Financial Institute, RMG, Technology etc throughout its serving time. Read More

An Approach To Futuristic Business


Business Consulting is one of Enroute’s core service pillars that ensures the highest profitability and sustained growth for your next business step. The persistent service engine of Enroute always keeps you one step ahead with its futuristic solutions. When it comes to implementing growth & evaluation Enroute is one of the few names in the market that serves with excellence. It consults in various business needs which involves business modeling, Strategic Business Planning, Business Continuity & Risk Management & many more. Read More

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