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National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCCBL) commenced its journey in 1985 as an investment company and subsequently evolved into a private commercial bank in 1993, expanding its presence to encompass 16 branches. Over the course of three decades, NCCBL has garnered acclaim for its bespoke service, cutting-edge technological prowess, and groundbreaking financial solutions.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, NCCBL has striven to become one of the most esteemed commercial banks, focusing on progressive practices, social responsibility, and the integration of credit and commerce to enhance shareholder value and ensure sustainable growth.

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In our pursuit of fostering excellence, we have recently joined with NCCBL to assist in the identification of their future leaders for coveted Management Trainee Officer (MTO) positions. Following a series of meetings, on mutual agreed terms Enroute was responsible for assessing 200 candidates over four days.

With meticulous preparation of documents, thorough briefings of our assessors, and effective communication with the candidates provided by NCCBL, we have successfully established and ran the assessment center from May 12th to 15th, 2023. 20 assessors and 3 coordinators were part of this four day process. The center of assessment encompassed a diverse range of rigorous tests, interviews, presentations, and group discussions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process.

In this robust management assessment center each candidate underwent assessment by a minimum of three different assessors across various levels, with diligent ratings assigned on a scale of 1 to 5, based on their individual performances.

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The outcomes of the specific industrial assessment center were highly encouraging, as we successfully identified a notable pool of high-potential candidates who exemplify a seamless alignment with NCCBL’s esteemed culture and values.

Recently, the final results were unveiled, and the shortlisted candidates will soon be invited to partake in a conclusive interview session with the esteemed management team at NCCBL. We take immense honor in our partnership with NCCBL and our contribution to their quest for top talent.

With confidence, we believe that the newly selected individuals through the candidate assessment center will make significant contributions to the success of NCCBL, further solidifying its position as a prominent financial institution. Besides, with our experience in running assessment centers in Bangladesh in numerous occasion meeting diversified needs only make us best fitted for the task.

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