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When we talk about Events & Activation some of the common terminology we use are brand marketing activations, experiential marketing, and event marketing. All these terms may sound or act different but serves the common purpose of bringing the consumers close to the brand & give them a better brand experience. The face-to-face marketing gives the brand a better way to capture the focus of its targeted consumers and generate excitement for any upcoming products or services.

By creating a unique product/service experience a brand can influence its customers to be more engaged, to be more decisive while buying. Because of the benefits it provides, brands often go for event & activation marketing with specific goals in mind whether it be engagement, awareness or even generating sales. But often they find their investments in the wrong place even not getting close to the goal they initially planned it for. That’s the reason you need a proper awareness before taking your step towards this crucial decision. From our experience here we are sharing the top things to lookout for from a strategic viewpoint before your next brand event or activation.

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5 Must Checkboxes for Your Next Brand Marketing Event Activation

Have a close look at these 5 essential points when you plan for your next event activation to focus on your product or services in the consumers end.

  1. Meet Your Audience Where They Are
  2. Solve Your Customer’s Challenges
  3. Increase Brand Recognition in Digital Platforms
  4. Capture Your Consumer’s Mind with Surprises
  5. Promote the Core Brand Values

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Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Meeting your audience/customers where they are should be the first step of focus of your planning into any event activation campaign. If you don’t reach where they are supposed to be with your product/services the whole campaign will be at risk of failing. For example, if you have a product that is targeted at solving day to day problem of senior citizens you need to promote it to where they are at. In this case, an ideal place can be parks/walking streets etc.

Solve Your Customer’s Challenges

Events activations promotes a huge chance of solving the consumer’s real-life challenges. If your product can be showed with its instant impact in its targeted consumers life there remains a high conversion possibility and it will build long term credibility in the consumer’s mind as well. So you should not miss out on this opportunity either and make it a top priority.

Increase Brand Recognition in Digital Platforms

Digital Solutions has become a huge contributor of increased brand reach in the recent times so leveraging it to increase engagement & brand recognition is a must into your event activation campaign. For example, If you are promoting a new beverage you can create an on venue contest of instant reviews on your digital platforms which will play a huge part of getting your product going in the market.

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Capture Your Consumer’s Mind with Surprises

Something outside the box always captures the audience’s mind and create an instant impact of your event activations. Don’t shy on bringing new innovations or ideas into your event activation campaigns. As long as it doesn’t create negative impression about your product/service it is always good to go. So if you are investing your resources on next campaign make sure you leave no stone unturned.

Promote the Core Brand Values

Consumers love to hear the story of your brand and connect with it. For instance if you focus on promoting your core values and stand for your belief your consumers will take it in a very engaging manner. If you have products that stand for a cause event activation is the perfect way to convey your message. Make the maximum effort into promoting your brand values through your event activation campaigns & this should be a core checkbox to fill as well.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

With extensive research & analytics create a meaningful event activation campaign with Enroute. With over 14 years of in hand working experience in diversified industries we are perfectly capable of making your next event & activation campaign a successful one in every metrics. Our constant lookout for new innovations and trendsetting ideas you will be in safe hands of the experts. Deploy your resources strategically with us, fill in the contact information or call us directly to plan on your next campaign in a cohesive manner.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • How to determine success of an event activation campaign?

Have a close eye on your audience’s feedback. Through feedback you can get ab unfiltered or unbiassed information about your event activation campaign and you can determine the success of the campaign. Feedbacks can be taken in both physical or digital format.

  • When is the perfect time for an event activation campaign?

When your company/organization is launching a new product or service you can plan an event activation campaign. Through the campaign it will be easier to place the offerings in your consumers mind while he makes the next buying decision.

  • How much does an event activation cost?

Depending on the requirements of the campaign the budget can vary. From national, international level to the number of engagement a brand is looking for event activation costs can go as high as your requirements are following.

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