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Character Licensing Services

Enroute is the best character licensing company in Bangladesh. The world is shifting towards a trend of customization and differentiation. In order to break through the clutter and make the brand more visible to the customers, with billions of dollars of annual sales of the character licensed merchandise worldwide, character brand licensing is a proven method for branding your product. If you have any particular character brand you want to use in your brand we are here with our character licensing consultant services to make your wish to reality in two different modules – product and promotional licensing. From our experience with renowned brands worldwide, we are waiting to share secrets to success with character brands to boost your brand in Bangladesh.

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Enroute is the official representative of Warnermedia in the Bangladesh & Nepal market. We Cater Character Licensing Services using all the networks of Warner Media characters for commercial use.

Character Licensing Service

Enroute is the only character licensing consultant of WarnerMedia in Bangladesh. Character licensing gives provides you with an edge over your competitors by leveraging the internationally recognized character that steps up your branding on national and international boundaries.

With the successful affiliation with many nationally recognized brands, we have provided a new approach & innovative vision of character licensing. You can take your brand to a new height as well with Enroute as the best character licensing company in Bangladesh.

Merchandising & Turnkey Services

For merchandising with your preferred characters Enroute is the best character licensing company in Bangladesh. As the business environment is constantly changing it calls for innovation.

With Enroute’s merchandising & turnkey services you get the touch of innovation within your reach. Also with the constantly changing tactics, we provide observation, risk assessment, forecasting, brand building and catering the necessary services while also ensuring customer satisfaction at the maximum. For your brand’s next move, Enroute is the perfect brand consultancy agency you can rely on.

Themed Event & Birthday

Enroute has the best character licensing consultant services for themed events. Business growth requires proper marketing for your brand in the right channels. Themed event based on licensable international characters provide you with that right element that delivers your targeted outcome.

Also, a dashing celebration with characters that are loved globally gives you a memorable bump in the memory. Enroute provides you with this solution of themed events and birthdays based on warnerbros & cartoon network characters.

Advertisement Services

If you are looking to explore a new horizon of character advertising Enroute is the best character licensing consultant in Bangladesh that you can rely on. The necessity for advertising is increasing with the increase of digital media.

Enroute is the top character licensing company in Bangladesh that provides the elements you may require from copyright to license your advertisable characters. With our management consultancy services in advertising, you get the futuristic edge that stands out your brand from your competitors.

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