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Leadership & Executive Coaching

According to the recent workforce learning report and statistics, 94% of employees will be more engaged at work and stay longer at a company if it simply invests in executive learning and development.

Enroute is the best professional leadership coaching provider in Bangladesh. We understand the fact that every individual has a unique style of learning. That being the case, a tailored learning process and environment are crucial to learning and development. In such an instance, executive and leadership coaching are one of the globally acclaimed and influential development tools for executives.

We have initiated providing executive leadership coaching to enable leaders who can make sense in the face of uncertainty and can ensure a holding environment for the team to adapt, innovate and perform.

Reach a New Level of Success

What is Leadership & Executive Coaching?

The terms Leadership and Executive Coaching are often used interchangeably. Both involve working with individuals in leadership positions, though Executive Coaching is often used to describe coaching with leaders in more senior roles. For our program, we have named it Leadership and Executive Coaching (LEC) as a catch-all.

We have designed our executive leadership coaching program by combining the Systems, Psychodynamics, and Coaching approaches.

  • Focusing on the potential and genuine future desires of the coachees. 
  • Aiming to set goals for these potentials and desires
  • Asking apt questions so that the coachees can find the answers within themselves and in their external environment by discovering their true selves and then find the energy to change, act and reach their goals.

Be The Next Catalyst of Change

Who is it for?

We have designed the executive and leadership coaching sessions to integrate spaces for action & spaces for reflection. The sessions are usually an hour long and arranged for individuals or as a group.

The number of sessions varies depending on the coachable items as agreed during contracting with the coachee. With Enroute’s professional leadership coaching, coachees are able to achieve enhanced performance, empowerment, a fresh perspective and acquire the necessary leadership qualities.

Leadership & Executive Coaching
Leadership & Executive Coaching
Leadership & Executive Coaching

Mentored by Seasoned Professionals

Who will Coach?

We have a pool of seasoned and recognized executive leadership coach, enriched with in-depth experience in helping executives better achieve business priorities while growing personally and professionally. The coaches are certified and accredited by globally renowned institutions like INSEAD.

Besides, we have Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychologists, psychometricians & practicing counselors in our team that lead the way to executive leadership coaching.

Unlock Your True Potential

What to take away

In our executive and leadership coaching programs, we create an environment based on trust and mutual respect. Our coaches focus on the conscious and unconscious factors affecting performance in a role of a certain context. The outcome of the sessions will be to

  • Enable coachees to understand and take up their role within their wider organizational and systemic context to increase self-awareness,
  • Explore blocks and  enablers  to  the  achievement  of goals – from an intrapersonal through to the systemic level,
  • Strengthen leadership influence and presence, to strategize in developing confident personal brands & handling life challenges.
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