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HR Outsourcing for Small Business
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Outsourcing is a concept that dates back to the 1970s when to seek efficiency in production, manufacturing companies began hiring outside the firms to manage less than essential processes. Over time through globalization and in search of better scalability organizations popularized the concept of outsourcing in many different sectors of the company. 

Although the beginning of outsourcing started with outsourcing less essential processes but nowadays, organizations outsource the most complex and functional parts of their operation. Outsourcing firms have also gone on to enhance their capabilities to support better in every department to provide elite support to their clients. 

When an organization takes the decision to outsource some of the processes, it analyzes the convenience first. The benefits come in saving time, freeing up human resources for more strategic efforts, or focusing on taking the organizations further into development. Human Resource outsourcing has become a popular concept in today’s dimension from the perspective of organizational benefit and growth by freeing up its own HR managers. In this article, we’ll talk in length about why should you should outsource HR functions as well as how to do it in a convincing manner that ensures profitability in the long run. 

What is HR Outsourcing 

In business words, HR Outsourcing is a contractual agreement that involves the employer and a third-party service provider. In this agreement, the employer and the service provider come to an agreement on what kind of responsibilities the third-party provider will handle. That can involve the management and responsibility for certain HR functions or all of them. 

The terms need to be specific on what the employer is looking for as well as what the service provider is going to deliver throughout the contract. According to this agreement both the parties continue to rely on each other and that’s how Human Resource outsourcing works. Now let’s talk about outsourcing human resource functions for different businesses depending on business size, 

HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses 

Ever mounting challenges in today’s economy brings obstacles to businesses. Small businesses suffer from it massively due to lack of expertise, inadequate human resources, or lack of policy practices. Often handled by a limited number of people, small businesses can not focus on the specific development of human resource functionalities and these are the primary reasons why small businesses should consider outsourcing their human resource management functionalities. 

When a small business outsources this process, it gets a significant edge in many different areas of business. Such as the ability to focus on productivity, access to enterprise-class solutions, help with compliance, reduced cost, and many more. 

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Why Should Small Businesses Outsource Human Resource Functionalities:

Here are some of the most significant reasons behind outsourcing HR functions, 

  • To Lower Administration Costs:

Studies have revealed that companies tend to save more than 20 percent of regular expenses compared by keeping all human resources functions in the house while getting the core interest of the business functions protected. Being able to bring on expertise and also saving money at the same time is a win-win situation for the organizations that outsource HR. 

  • Influence Lower Limitations:

Outsourcing HR functions broaden the way for in-house human resources management individuals. As a result, it can open up a new horizon of business for the organization due to low limitations. This benefits the organization to function more in an efficient manner. 

  • Enhancing Happier Environment:

As outsourcing human resource functions open up better workplace culture management opportunity for the in-house team, it can create a better environment by fostering happier employees overall. And with happier employees comes better productivity. For the bigger interest of the company, outsourcing can be vital. 

  • Efficient Performance Management:

To maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace it’s important to increase and sustain efficiency. When the in-house human resource individuals have the time to look after the overall performance of the employees it can open doors to increase performance and efficiency as well. 

All the stated reasons as taking the company further into development. And that’s how HR outsourcing can benefit the business in broader terms. Now if all the benefits look convincing to you it might arise the question of how to find an Hr outsourcing partner. 

How to choose HR outsourcing company

Considerable factors when choosing a Human Resource management Partner:

The answer gets simple when you look for certain aspects of the service provider such as, 

  • 360° Functions:

The firm you are getting in talks with, does it have 360-degree service functionalities. This is vital because when you take the HR support service from time to time you may require additional support as well.

  • Check the staff:

it is a necessary requirement because you need to have a look at their capacity and capability before you outsource your vital HR functions.

  • Practices they follow:

to be sure of their process and if it aligns with your organization’s overall culture.

  • Tax & Govt. Laws:

The provider you are considering taking support from needs to be compliant with tax and govt. laws as HR functions also contain sensitive tax and law compliance.

  • Estimated Cost:

You need to look for the estimated cost for your support functionalities. Without having proper estimation it might backfire financially for your organization. 

These are core considerable when you are going to consider your HR outsourcing partner. According to the suggested guideline when you get in touch with the service providers now comes the key part about what you can look for in your outsourcing firm. 

Benefits of HR Outsourcing for Small Business

Top 5 Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing

  • Save Valuable Time:

You will save precious time when you will outsource your HR function. Responsibilities of all the paperwork and related tasks that create a lot of time-consuming efforts will be lessened and that will eventually save your valuable time. 

  • Less Expensive:

Hiring an expert team in the house creates a lot of financial burden for your organization. But spending almost 20% less than your in-house spending you can get expert solutions when you outsource your HR functions. 

  • Faster Process:

As the third-party service providers with expertise in core HR functions better with their years of know-how and expertise you will get some key benefits in faster processing. Such as:

    • Payroll: Third-party solutions come with faster payroll distributions
    • Recruitment: The global talent expertise gives you an edge in recruitment
    • Training & Development: It’s a vital part of development, expert 3rd parties provide training & development opportunities. 
  • Access To Talent Acquisition:

Third-party service providers provide you with exclusive access to talent that meets your company requirements and structure. 

  • Benefits To Workforce:

Third-party service providers may have the upper hand in dealing with employees better by attracting them to continue for a longer period and develop while working for your organization. That ultimately benefits your organization. 

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How to find the right Human Resource  Outsourcing Partner

Although finding the right Human Resource Outsourcing partner means an organization that completely aligns with your organization for a long period of time. So this is a question that gets answered over time. But when you look for starting you can look for certain aspects as well. 

  1. Market Reputation 
  2. Problem Solving Capabilities 
  3. Experience in the Field. 
  4. Client List 
  5. Monthly Turnovers 
  6. People Behind It. 

When you look for all these capabilities, Enroute is the best HR Outsourcing Firm in Bangladesh. With its impeccable market reputation and capabilities in solving the most complex HR issues which resulted in working for diversified clients all over the country, Enroute is the name you can trust to outsource your Human Resource functions. 

The Bottom Line:

For startups to mid-size businesses, outsourcing the Human Resource functionalities comes with transformative benefits. In this article, we have tried to shed some insights and produce a guideline for your consideration. To excel further in the business you can look for the best providers in the local market as well as international. Enroute provides the best services regarding Human Resource functions in Bangladesh with expanding operations in the global market as well. You can consider such a big name when you are looking for a Human Resource outsourcing firm in Bangladesh.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): 

  • Should a small business outsource HR? 

In simple terms the answer is YES, to grow the business further by freeing up the in-house team’s working capabilities and workload. Also, to save time and money throughout the process.

  • How much does it cost to outsource HR?

Depending on the understanding and range of responsibilities outsourcing costs depend on the discussion between both parties and the number of employees it’s covering. 

  • Why do small businesses outsource hr?

Small businesses outsource their HR because it makes more sense. It saves valuable time, money, and effort that they can invest elsewhere to take the business further. 

  • What does an HR outsourcing company do?

Outsourcing companies handle the process of HR functions that includes payroll, recruitment, development, training, talent acquisition, etc. that are supposed to be done by the in-house HR team. 

  • Can I outsource my HR?

Anyone can outsource their human resource functions according to their need and necessities.  All you have to do is select a third-party vendor to discuss your necessities and go for a contractual agreement. 

  • When should HR be outsourced? 

When the company is in developing or in small to medium size, that’s when outsourcing human resource functionalities make the most sense. Because it can open new opportunities for business growth and sustainability while taking help from the expert team.

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