Enroute Center for Development is the pioneer organization in the country to work on executive education & development. In succession to its massively appreciated first industrial-organizational psychology conference in 2020, Enroute Center for Development (executive education and development wing of Enroute International Limited) has organized the 2nd Industrial-Organizational Psychology Conference in Dhaka. In the participation of academicians and panelists from over 5 countries, this is the biggest event on industrial psychology in the country.

To add to the success, the event has facilitated a great number of registered participants, academicians, and industry leaders. After the hugely successful first installment of the I-O Psychology Conference, the 2nd International Conference on I-O Psychology took place. This specifically designed conference for the industry leaders and psychology practitioners facilitated a total number of 800+ registered participants, a number of total 10 papers, and the involvement of 05 academicians, & 8 Industry Leaders. This conference also accommodated 04 representatives of the government sectors.

The 2nd International I-O Psychology Conference focused on the subject ‘’Mental Health in an Unequal World.’’ In the post-pandemic times, ensuring employee wellbeing has become a big focus point on its own. To ensure the organization’s profitability and stable growth employee wellbeing is a must. But the stigma of mental care lies root the root of our policy and culture. The outcome is that even after suffering from consequences employees don’t get proper consultation or cure for their mental wellbeing.

As employees are the root of any company’s profitability, worldwide researchers continuously run research on this topic. Academicians have the most up-to-date in-depth implementable knowledge about it to solve this complex problem. Also, industry leaders need implementable knowledge according to the latest research to thrive in this post-pandemic market. This conference will create a bridge among the parties for a greater future in the workplace and beyond.

Standing on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution, Enroute Center For Development Limited wants to play a pioneering role in initiating the culture of employee wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. The conference is being held from 24th-26th January 2022. With this conference, Enroute Center For Development Limited is envisioning a change in culture and policies in the workplace and beyond.