Japan Tobacco International​ (JTI) is a renowned tobacco product manufacturer globally. While expanding its operation in the country specifically on the northern side, JTI faced different strategic and implementable obstacles due to a lack of direct distribution support. Which also resulted in the declining sales figures. With the focus on solving this issue, Enroute International Limited partnered with JTI and took charge to come up with alternative channel management and distribution to ensure product availability and achieve sales target.

As a solution, the strategy began with onboarding distribution partners who has multiple product portfolio and existing distribution network management in substantial retail universe. Since using their existing distribution channels would be cost efficient, literally at zero additional logistics cost, to make JTI products available in last mile markets, this approach has proven to be beneficial to penetrate the retail.

While working on the solution to this challenge a lot of research data and market experience went into it. With a decade-long experience in solving clients’ complex business problems, Enroute’s experience came in handy in this project.

After the successful implementation of the different phases, JTI’s product was again present in key areas. The distribution of the product was again at the point where the consumers were getting the product within their reach. With the enhanced product availability, promising sales figures have seen the sight of daylight. To date, we have successfully worked with 9 distributors for this project.

We have also expanded this innovative approach to 3 different geo-locations. We have also successfully completed nearly 570,000 product lifting so far which contributed to a total of 274,000 sales in this short period of time.

We have worked extensively on trade marketing & distribution development in Bangladesh (northern) with the local distributors as well as retailers by developing a mutually beneficial partnership for this project.

Enroute’s one of the core principal has always been satisfying clients’ diverse needs. This project’s involvement with Enroute has once again shown its efficiency in operating under different market dynamics and thriving efficiently.