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Managed services outsourcing is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the need for a range of operations and functions to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. Managed services can vary from client to client based on their requirements. To fulfill clients’ customized needs and requirements managed services are designed and structured.

Enroute is one of the best managed service provider in Bangladesh. We work with diversified local to international businesses and organizations, and to meet the requirements we implement strategically planned solutions. As one of the top managed service companies our services are designed, planned, and delivered for maximum output and benefit of the client. So you can focus on your core business uninterrupted with our complete management services.

Prioritizing Timely Solutions

People Outsourcing

Enroute International Limited has one of the best people outsourcing solutions in Bangladesh as part of our managed service solutions. Operating for over a decade in the country it has also become one of the most reputed outsourcing consultants. With undeniable success in the local industry, the roots of the company go deep into company-client relationships. We offer a long-term partnership that ensures the opportunities for our clients and gives them a competitive edge over rivals. We ensure enhancement by outsourcing services to our clients while they focus entirely on their core activities with ease.

We carry out work processes in a way that adds value not only for our clients but for their customers as well. With our team of experts, we provide the best strategic & systematic approaches that ensure that Enroute’s deliverables are well aligned with the long-term vision of the company.

Strategic Growth for Future

Facility Management

Facilities management is a part of Enroute’s managed service solutions. It can be defined as one of the most analytical, interpretative & evaluative services we manage for our most valued clients. To support the highest level of functionality, safety, and sustainable facility management we provide our facility management services. Our services include lease management, project management, maintenance and operations, emergency facility management, and real estate management.

We have been successfully managing several kinds of facility management services for the clients over the years with excellence. With growing business needs and opportunities, facilities are required at convenient places with proper management. With Enroute, you can be completely risk-free in terms of facility management.

Unified Solutions For Business

Enroute Paysolutions

Enroute has the most sophisticated managed payroll services in Bangladesh. Since 2012 Enroute has continuously served its clients with utmost sincerity as an outsourced payroll provider. We have accurately managed employee monthly wages securely on time. Not just that, we have also provided legal aid from time to time in terms of income tax advocacy.

The expert team of individuals leading the pay solutions makes sure that your payroll operates seamlessly, freeing your HR, finance, and admin teams from time-consuming work. We are also working In close collaboration with two of the leading global pay solution firms.

Experiential Brand Services

Events & activation

Enroute has the most experienced event activation agency in Bangladesh. We understand a lot of hard work, investments, and time go behind developing new products or services for your business. Focusing on the growth of the business, all of these developments take place. But without proper tactical deployment and the right marketing campaign through events and activations, all the hard work can still mean a little.

We centralize our attention on strategic implementation to better enhance the process of purchasing a product by a customer using the right method of brand activation and marketing activations. With the support of our dedicated events & activation support, you get an extra edge on your campaigns and you will be more fitted to achieve your goals. This being said, we plan and execute the plans that make your event unique from the competitors. That unique differentiator is what our partnership provides you for your brand. Our support includes many demanding solutions. From the start of your brand to sustaining it and ensuring growth our prowess in organizing events and activations are something to rely upon.

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