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Enroute has the most sophisticated managed payroll services in Bangladesh. Since 2012 Enroute has continuously served its clients with utmost sincerity as an outsourced payroll service provider. We have accurately managed employee monthly wages securely on time. Not just that, we have also provided legal aid from time to time in terms of income tax advocacy.

The expert team of individuals leading the pay solutions makes sure that your payroll operates seamlessly, freeing your HR, finance, and admin teams from time-consuming work. We are also working In close collaboration with two of the leading global pay solution firms.

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Stay on top of your HR and Payroll with enroute. Our handy paysolution services help you make your workforce management easier.

Managed Payroll Service

Managed payroll services come with secure payroll services. Which needs to be dealt with professionally & securely. Our end-to-end managed payroll services make the funds get transferred precisely every month after dealing with taxes. So you can have peace of mind and focus on the growth of your organization.

With our outsource payroll service we manage data validation, calculation, payroll processing, distribution, and report accordingly. We provide errorless payroll management services with calculations for monthly salary, allowances, leave, attendance, bonus, employee claim management (OPI), loans and advances, tax cards, and deductions.

After processing payroll, we provide payroll reports for example monthly salary sheet, bank listing/ file, individual pay slip, salary reconciliation etc. We also provide services for provident fund management, gratuity, and final settlement for clients under our professional payroll services.

Managed Expatriate
Payroll Service

As businesses are going global more today, the number of employees involved in foreign responsibilities is growing exponentially. Expatriate payroll solutions are one of the challenging accounting tasks. Enroute has the best expatiate payroll service in Bangladesh. We focus on solving complex expatriate payroll problems by ensuring tax, social security obligations, and other factors. Experience plays a big role in dealing with such delicate issues. That’s where our professional payroll services gives you the best solutions.

As part of our corporate payroll services we also provide managed expatriate payroll services and for both residential and non-residential expatriates as well as income tax consultancy. We calculate gross-to-net and disburse salary abiding by local law, regulations, and organizational policies based on our expert advice. We also provide tax filing services for expatriates based on the client’s requirements.

Fund Management

With Enroute’s top of the line payroll management services, fund managing becomes easier. We control funds to disburse salaries to employee bank accounts on behalf of our clients. Later, invoice as reimbursement or we receive funds in advance through cheque or EFTN from anywhere in the world. Our certified payroll services team handles the disbursement of salary through EFTN, RTGS, or uploads bank files into the bank’s portal like the CiTiNA portal.

With this systematic process of operating, deploying, maintaining, and disposing we ensure the highest level of employee and client satisfaction. Throughout the operations, we pay close attention to cost and risk management. We provide the best payroll service for small business with our agile implementation attention to detail putting your business in the first place.

Income Tax Advocacy

Enroute is one of the top income tax consultant in bangladesh. Our income Tax Advocacy service is designed to provide assistance to individual income tax services of client organizations as well as organization as a whole. With up-to-date information and years of experience, we identify systematic approaches to recommend long-term solutions to taxpaying employees.

Our team of payroll consultants helps you to stay up-to-date on the latest tax legislation and policies. Besides this, we have coherent software and our operation team incorporates all necessary changes into the system as and when required; specifically the changes in income tax law. All the offerings combined makes our services the best payroll service for small business in Bangladesh as small business can not afford these individual services. After tax-year ends, we provide yearly salary certificates for individual employees and salary reports for organizations according to section 108 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984. We also offer tax filing/tax return services both for individual employees and for organizations.

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