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Enroute is one of the most reputed event management company in Bangladesh. We centralize our attention on strategic implementation to better enhance the process of purchasing a product by a customer using the right methods of brand activation events. With the support of our vastly experienced team, you get an extra edge on your campaigns and corporate events which will be more fitted to achieve your goals.

This being said, we plan and execute the plans that make your event unique from the competitors. That unique differentiator is what our partnership provides you for your brand. Being a prominent event activation agency in Bangladesh, our support includes many demanding solutions. From the start of your brand to sustaining solutions over time and ensuring growth, our prowess in organizing events and activations is something to rely upon.

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Product Launching

Enroute is a successful product launch event management company in Bangladesh. From a sales and awareness viewpoint, a product launching event educates, informs and creates a buzz among the customers so that your sales force is ready to sell the products when they get back to the field. And to create that position for your product you need a bright start and partner with an event management service provider who understands your goals and visions. Also, from the marketing view product launch makes certain that your customers are ready to buy the product as well. Enroute is one of the best event activation agencies in Bangladesh that understands the role of proper activations to get your product a flying start. We are experts in proper product launching campaign that satisfies marketing and sales goals. We work with MNCs, reputed national companies and startups to fulfill the need for product launching events.

Nationwide Activation

Enroute is the best nationwide Activation company in Bangladesh. Nationwide activations come with many strategic and operational difficulties. For brands that are focusing on reaching all over the country within deadline and executing the key marketing steps, it becomes increasingly tricky. Being an expert in brand activation events we provide nationwide support including zonal representatives all over Bangladesh. With our operational efficiency, we are confident of reaching all over the country within the deadline ensuring key marketing goals. With the efficient and agile operational model, Enroute has become one of the best event management firm in Bangladesh. We make sure of our fluency in operation, which gives the partner brands maximum exposure within reach.

Trade Marketing

Enroute is a popular Trade Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Our trade marketing support is one of the most reputed in the country providing support to the biggest organizations succeeding in their marketing challenges. With an ambition to provide expert trade marketing solutions to businesses to increase their reach, gain a competitive edge and optimize operational costs our trade marketing support was established. With our holistic approach to brand activation events and trade marketing, we ensure the highest profitability within the client’s reach.


Enroute is a top roadshow event planning agency in Bangladesh. We focus on creating a long-lasting impression that converts customers through events and activation solutions. Roadshows are the perfect example of it. We are pleased to assist you in finding a unique mobile solution that meets the marketing goal that you require. You can promote your brand to a larger audience and showcase your latest products and service in an advanced way by leveraging roadshow opportunities. If your brand marketing needs this special form of activation, Enroute can be the most trusted event management service provider to go for successive returns. We have a long portfolio of serving clients with proper solutions that are connected with its intended target & aimed customers.

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