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Automated Facility Management Practices

Outsourcing facilities management can be defined as one of the most analytical, interpretative & evaluative services we manage for our most valued clients. To support the highest level of functionality, safety, and sustainable facility management we provide our facilities management solution. Our services include lease management, project management, maintenance and operations, emergency facility management, and real estate management.

Enroute is one of the top facilities management companies in Bangladesh. We have been successfully managing several kinds of facility management services for the clients over the years with excellence. With growing business needs and opportunities, facilities are required at convenient places with proper management. Enroute provides one of the best facilities management solutions that provide you with completely risk-free in terms of facility management.

End to end Solution

Facility Management Services

Under the domain of facility management services we cover a wide range of services that are targeted at solving your need for an efficient facility solution

Office Setup Solution

There is a number of ways to your office setup. One of those methods is sourcing all you need for your office from different vendors. With Facility management consulting you get the proper knowledge about office equipment, management, procurement and supplies which can turn out very helpful for you. At Enroute, we provide you with total facilities management services according to your planning and design for a seamless experience. Therefore by availing of this service, the solution to your office setup becomes convenient while you get a professional partnership as well from a top facility management company.

Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Enroute is one of the top cleaning facility management companies in Bangladesh. We understand how a disinfected and clean office has become important for businesses nowadays. While cleanliness has become an important aspect of our life, it has also become crucial for our office and facilities for a coherent tomorrow. A better office overall influences a better workflow as well. With our superficial support in deep cleaning & disinfecting under office facility management services, you get the full cleaning service for your office premises. You can also ensure regular maintenance from Enroute cleaning and support service without any hassle of scheduling with our automated processing. We schedule according to your need with our cleaning services ensuring your maximum satisfaction in managing a clean facility.

Admin Support Service

Enroute is an end-to-end admin support services provider in Bangladesh. Admins are the backbone of every office or facility. Without the proper help and supervision of admins, day-to-day office tasks can become tough at times. To ensure the appropriate functionality of the office while you can concentrate on your business, we provide admin support customized according to your need. Enroute is a top office facility management in Bangladesh with expertise in providing excellent admin support. You also get the most out of your time by focusing on bigger things rather than small details.

Procurement Support Service

Enroute is one of the best facilities management company in Bangladesh. We understand the need for Increased demand from internal consumers of the organization which indicates the growing need for procurement for the organization. Without resourced adequately, it can overwhelm the already lean internal team, and sometimes even erode the overall impact. Enroute’s procurement support services ensure that the internal team of your organization is performing extensively as well as, expanding its reach and keeping pace with rising expectations. This service is specially designed to meet seamless support and demand.

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