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Our Upscaling Staffing & Recruitment Services

Enroute operates its headhunting and recruitment services under the dedicated SBU Enroute Management Consultancy (emc). It is the leading HR recruitment firm in Bangladesh operated by a team of certified and experienced business individuals working closely with national and international strategic partners. We are the best outsourcing recruitment service providers providing a different spectrum of services like talent sourcing, headhunting, skill recruitment, and hr consulting organization in Bangladesh. EMC is unique to provide a complete solution for managing business growth through strategic human talent management.

At EMC, we empower and enable our clients by building their capabilities across all levels of the organization. We apply our industry-leading recruitment implementation driven by data and experience to deliver their needs while achieving the recruitment goals in the best possible way. For the candidates looking for opportunities as well, our well-organized system is apt to ensure placement without the hassle of continuous application processing. Using our up-to-date job management portal interested candidates can fetch jobs faster and apply easier. This sophisticated recruitment leveraging data and the power of knowledge emc has become the perfect place for growth in both client and candidate end. Find the latest jobs here with EMC.

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Talent Sourcing

Enroute International Limited is one of the best hr outsourcing consulting companies in Bangladesh. Over the years it has also become one of the most reputed outsourcing consultants. Our pioneering approach and succeeding stories in the local industry have been key to our foundation. Being a successful recruitment agency we offer efficiently designed talent sourcing programs which create the backbone of the partner organizations and puts them in a place of driving success for the years to come. Our talent sourcing services work on finding top talents for your organization and after researching & networking we convert them into applicants ready to deliver for you.

Dynamic Human Resource Solutions

HR Consulting

Enroute International Limited provides creative hr consultancy solutions for your organizational needs. Operating for over a decade now, we have become one of the most reputed hr outsourcing consulting firms in Bangladesh. With undeniable success in the local industry, the roots of the company go deep into company-client relationships. We offer a long-term partnership which ensures opportunities for our clients and gives them a competitive edge over rivals. Growing enterprise needs as well as creating a firm position in the industry requires top hr consulting and with our prowess in the industry of top-end management you can rely on us unworried to fulfill your hr requirements. Enroute as a recruitment company provides solutions to the most complex human resource functionalities for businesses to get to a sustainable level & grow into the future by implementing different goals.

Redefined Recruitment Process

Skill Recruitment

Enroute is the best skill recruitment company in Bangladesh. While skilled recruits can contribute to significant growth in organizations they also play a big role in which direction the company might be heading to. Also, it is considered a gamble to rely on any skilled worker recruitment agency that meets their challenges. Over the years, Enroute has delivered trained, educated, energetic, experienced & devoted skilled recruits as one of the leading hr recruitment firms in Bangladesh. If you are planning on projects that require the involvement of skilled talents Enroute is the right choice for prolonged success.

No 1 Verification Services in Bangladesh

Background verification: Pre Employee Verification

With outsourcing recruitment and human resource involvements there comes a specific point in pre-employment verification that often becomes a daunting task for the organizations and in-house human resource managers. As the leading recruitment company in Bangladesh & a partner that solves your complex challenges, we have a dedicated team of experts that answers the arising question of pre-employment verification. We have an outstanding working relationship with important bodies of the government to solve the legitimacy crisis in verification. With our business and services specifically constructed to solve all the human capital problems, we are set for a quick and efficient solution to your problems.

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