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Enroute is the No 1 employment verification service provider in bangladesh. Our experienced and efficient professionals provide verification services that include certificates, driving licenses, locations, references, and previous employer reference verification services all over Bangladesh.

Trusted by many national and MNC’s Enroute ensures reliable and accurate results driven by its tenacious individuals who process the verification taking full authority and keeping the client’s requirements in mind. For growing businesses where employees are the center of your sustainability, we take the pre employment background verification seriously that upholds the reputation of your organization in the long run.

Combined with Business Intelligence & Legitimacy

We have a strong network with

Enroute is one of the renowned employee background verification companies in Bangladesh. Our well-organized operational process and network with the top government organizations give us an edge in reliability.

  • Bangladesh Election Commission
  • Different Government Bodies
  • Educational Board
  • Road Transport Authorities
  • Public, Private & National Universities
  • Reputed Associations & Clubs
  • Different Organizations

Our Process Is Sophisticatedly Designed

Enroute’s Leading Verification Services

  • Educational background Certification
  • Medical Verification
  • Previous employment reference checking
  • Social Reputation Verification
  • Social Media Footprint Certification
  • Driving License / National ID Card Verification
  • Permanent Address Verification
  • Immigration Verification
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