Shakti Foundation is one of the largest NGOs in Bangladesh. For the last 30 years, Shakti has been the catalyst for many empowering stories of change. And when it came to celebrate 30 years of Shakti’s journey Enroute has partnered with Shakti to create a memorable day for everyone at Shakti which involved all stakeholders, different bodies of government and social leaders.

For this special celebration, Enroute was the partner organization for the whole event. It started with planning for the whole event then executing the plan on the selected day at Gulshan Shahabuddin Park. Enroute’s deliverables included branding the entire premises to create proper visibility of the whole event. Also, logistics support, venue décor, HR support, food, gift and guest management. The event facilitated 200 guests. Among many activities on stage and off it live music, puppet show and magic was included.

Celebrating 30 years with such a renowned NGO like Shakti has been a great opportunity of learning for Enroute. With the successful implementation of such a big event it has fueled our capabilities and understanding even further.