Top 10 BPO Companies Revolutionizing Outsourcing in Bangladesh

BPO Companies
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Outsourcing industry in Bangladesh

BPO companies in Bangladesh are growing rapidly competing with global players. The BPO services industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Bangladesh averaging an annual growth rate of over 40% in the last five years and this growth is projected to continue in similar numbers in the coming years.

According to the Bangladesh Association of Contact Center & Outsourcing (BACCO), the Business Process Outsourcing industry in Bangladesh generated over $700 million in revenue in 2022.

Amid the current worldwide business scenario, this particular industry is showing significant and steady growth employing over 100,000 people, and this number is expected to grow significantly with the growth of business in the coming years.

The BPO industry in Bangladesh is dominated by call center outsourcing companies, which account for over 60% of the industry’s revenue.

As Bangladesh has become one of the hotspots for BPO firms it’s important to have some foresight if you are looking for an outsourced service provider. Here in this article, we’ll provide you with our insights from the industry while highlighting the Top 10 BPO Companies Growing Rapidly in Bangladesh.

Top 10 BPO Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 BPO Companies in Bangladesh

Here is the list of the top BPO companies in Bangladesh:



1. Service Engine BPO (SEBPO)

Service Engine BPO (SEBPO) is one of the largest and most experienced outsourcing companies in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of BPO services to clients in the US, UK, and Australia.

SEBPO is known for its high-quality services and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Currently, the company offers Ad Operations, Back Office Processing, Creative Services, Call Center Services, Data Solutions, Media Planning, and Quality Assurance as part of their outsourced business solutions.


Skytech Solutions


2. Skytech Solutions LLC

Skytech Solutions LLC is another leading BPO firm in Bangladesh. It specializes in providing inbound and outbound calling services to clients in the US and Canada.

Skytech Solutions is known for its well-trained staff and its ability to provide customized solutions to its clients.

Currently, their services cover Customer Support, Back Office Support, Telemarketing and sales, Solid Lead Generation Services, Virtual Assistance, Content Moderation, Image/Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development.


Enroute International Limited


3. Enroute International Limited

Enroute International Limited is one of the top BPO companies in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2008 with the vision of serving global clients. Enroute specializes in providing exceptional customer care to its clients offering a range of BPO services.

Enroute is serving clients in the US and APAC region while a big portion of collaboration also comes within the country working with diverse government projects.

Currently, the company provides People Outsourcing Solutions, Payroll Management, Talent Management, HR Outsourcing, Training and development, Character Licensing, Call Center Solutions, and Web Design and Development as part of their outsourcing solutions.

Genex Infosys LTD


4. Genex Infosys LTD

Genex Infosys LTD is another rapidly growing BPO company in Bangladesh that offers a wide range of BPO services, including customer support, data entry, and back-office support.

Genex Infosys is known for its competitive pricing and its commitment to providing quality services to its clients.

Currently, Genex is offering services including Customer Experience Management, Back Office Management, Digital Transformation & solutions, and training and Skill Development.




5. Digicon Technologies LTD

Digicon Technologies LTD is a top business process outsourcing company in Bangladesh that specializes in providing digital marketing services.

It offers a wide range of services, including SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.

Digicon Technologies is known for its experienced team and its ability to help its clients achieve their digital marketing goals.





6. FifoTech

FifoTech was founded in 2013 and they specialize in services in the fields of IT/ITES.

Their services are designed around providing clients with dynamic and flexible solutions.

Some of the services offered by FifoTech are Contact Center Services, Back Office Services, Digital Marketing, Creative Design Services, Application Design and development, and Skills Development.



Aamra Outsourcing


7. Aamra Outsourcing

Founded in 2005 Aamra Outsourcing is an emerging player in the BPO solutions field in Bangladesh.

Aamra is known for the accurate and efficient services provided to its clients.

Some of the services provided by Aamra cover Data Entry Operations, Data Capturing Services, Document Scanning Services, Financial KPO, Call Center, Website Development Sales Outsourcing, and Marketing Services.




8. AvianBPO


Bangladesh is a popular outsourcing destination and firms of different sizes are occupying the BPO market currently. AvianBPO is one of them.

AvianBPO is a BPO service company based in Bangladesh. It is one of the known virtual assistant service providers with professional experience in e-commerce marketplaces and other business solutions.

Avian currently offers services like HR Services, Amazon Services, Web development, Graphic Design, Customer Services, and Digital Marketing.


9. QuantaniteQuantanite

Quantanite is one of the growing business process management companies in Bangladesh also known as a lead generation company.

In different contexts, they are also one of the leading BPO companies offering different services to their clients.

It has been operating in Bangladesh since 2014 and has a team of over 1,400 employees.

Quantanite offers services like Customer Experience Management, Back Office Services, Digital Content Services, Sales Enablement and Lead Generation.


Magnito Digital

10. Magnito Digital

Magnito Digital is one of the leading outsourcing digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh primarily focusing their services in the field of digital marketing.

Magnito currently has a team of 90 to cater to their wide range of professional services. Some of the services offered by Magnito are Strategy, Design, Media Buying, Content, Campaign & Analytics.

For digital marketing outsourcing services, Magnito is one of the top choices.


Final Words on BPO Services in BD

The BPO industry in Bangladesh is thriving with rapid growth leveraging the talent and cheaper cost of operation making the country one of the top choices to outsource vital parts of business. In a post-pandemic war-struck economy it is wise for any business to keep the option of having an outsourcing partner open.

If you are looking for a service provider in Bangladesh it will require some exploration. We have provided the top 10 BPO Firms in Bangladesh now all you have to do is explore their services from their website and have a meeting to understand if their offerings align with your needs or not. We expect this article to be valuable for your business requirements and if you have further queries you can contact us unhesitantly for consultation.

BPO companies in Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for BPO companies in Bangladesh

  1. How many BPO companies are there in Bangladesh?

 According to the Bangladesh Association of Call Center & Outsourcing (BACCO) there are over 300 BPO companies in Bangladesh. The industry size is growing rapidly with more and more companies entering the industry continuously. Currently the industry has created over 100,000+ jobs in Bangladesh.

  1. What is BPO industry in Bangladesh?

 The BPO industry is the sector where a companies in Bangladesh are remotely supporting business requirements for foreign clients. There is a range of services offered by the BPO firms in Bangladesh most commonly customer support, data entry, back-office support, software development, and digital marketing. The BPO industry in Bangladesh is attractive to foreign businesses because of the country’s large and growing pool of educated and English-speaking workers, competitive labor costs, a favorable government policy environment, and improved infrastructure.

  1. What is a BPO company?
    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies provide support to other businesses by contributing to their business processes. BPO companies typically do not have their own products, but instead offer services tailored to the needs of foreign businesses.
  1. What is an example of a BPO company?

 An example of a BPO company is Enroute International Limited. Enroute offers diversified services for its clients primarily focusing on client’s business needs. Some of the services offered by Enroute are people management, payroll management, talent management, HR consultation, training & development etc.

  1. How big is the BPO market in Bangladesh?
    In 2023 the BPO industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to Bangladesh Association of Call Center & Outsourcing (BACCO) the industry has employed over 100,000+ people while generating a staggering revenue of $700 million in 2022. The growth of the industry is continuous while its estimated that by 2025 the industry will reach $1billion in total revenues. It gives us a good idea about where the industry is currently and where we are going.
  1. What is BPO in Bangladesh?

BPO in Bangladesh refers to the practice of hiring a third-party company for certain business operations. Usually, a company hires a BPO firm to ease their operations and focus on their core task. For example: British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. But their employees need basic HR support and payroll management they can hire a BPO firm to handle these operations without building infrastructure and focus on their core job.

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