Top BPO Company in India for Business Acceleration 2024

BPO Company in India
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India’s rapid insurgence in the global business process outsourcing (BPO) hub is nothing but a story of resilient evolution and leveraging its strength in the IT space. According to Data Bridge’s market research data, In 2022 the BPO industry market size in India was estimated at over 6 billion dollars and it’s forecasted to cross the 12 billion dollar mark by 2030. Indian BPO companies are major contributors to their GDP while providing jobs for millions and turning urban cities into booming capitals.

Currently in 2023 and going into 2024 India is providing services ranging from customer support, IT services, finance, and accounting, to more complex processes like research, analytics, and legal services. But where are they getting so much backing from skilled human resources?

Thanks to its robust educational infrastructure, leading BPO companies are establishing their regional offices and many more are coming day by day. Here in this blog, we’ll talk about the BPO industry in India and you’ll discover the top companies in the BPO sector.

Indian BPO outsourcing industry landscape

Indian BPO outsourcing industry landscape

The outsourcing service industry in India stands as a significant player in the global outsourcing industry offering a blend of cost-effectiveness, skilled workforce, technological advantage, and a wide range of services. Based on these strong pillars the BPO services industry in India is going on a continuous upward trajectory.

During 2022-2027 the BPO firms in India are forecasted to expand by USD 151.59 billion empowered by technical advancements, service diversity & market segmentation. Many BPO companies are entering the market making it more competitive which is attracting global Fortune 500 companies to outsource their operations in India.

Top 10 BPO Companies in India in 2023 & Beyond

India consists of a total of 4000 cities and towns. But currently, all the cities are not competitively advanced. India has a large pool of educated and experienced workforce which is contributing to India’s BPO industry massively.

Because the best institutes are based in some booming cities, these places are in an advanced position for BPO operations. In our research, we have found 7 cities across India where it’s home to top BPO service providers. Those are Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Chennai.

Top BPO companies in Chennai

Top BPO companies in Chennai

Chennai, also known as the ”Detroit of the East” is a busy metropolis of South India and is a major hub for BPO providers in India. Chennai has emerged on the list of the top places because of its robust IT structure, lower labor cost, and expertise to comply with complex business process management tasks. Here are the top 5 outsourcing firms based in Chennai.

  1. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services): Tata Consultancy Services is a global IT giant, TCS offers comprehensive BPO solutions across call center outsourcing, customer service, finance & accounting, data analytics, and HR.
  2. Cognizant: Cognizant is a multinational IT services leader that excels in BPO domains like customer service, healthcare, finance, and analytics, known for its innovative approach.
  3. Wipro BPO: Wipro is one of the top BPO companies in India. It is renowned for its digital transformation expertise, Wipro’s BPO services encompass customer service, back-office operations, IT support, and finance & accounting.
  4. Infosys BPO: Infosys BPO is a top business process outsourcing provider in Chennai, India. This IT giant delivers a broad spectrum of BPO services, including customer service, finance & accounting, HR, and procurement, with a focus on automation and technology integration.
  5. Aegis BPO: Aegis is one of the top names of business process outsourcing in India. Aegis is a leading player in healthcare BPO, Aegis also offers customer service, finance & accounting, and HR solutions, known for its strong domain expertise and multilingual capabilities.

BPO companies in Noida

BPO companies in Noida

Noida is one of the powerhouse cities when it comes to business process outsourcing in India. There are numerous top-rated Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Noida each playing a unique role in their capability. Here are 5 BPO companies from Noida.

  1. Genpact: Genpact is one of the best business process outsourcing providers in Noida, Delhi. They offer customer service, finance & accounting, and analytics in a seamless performance. Renowned for its AI-powered solutions.
  2. EXL Service: EXL is the leading business process outsourcing firm in Noida. EXL’s strengths are in data and analytics. EXL Service orchestrates back-office operations, call center, risk management, and digital transformation with precision. Their expertise lies in crafting customized solutions for individual business needs.
  3. HCL Technologies: HCL is one of the top 10 BPOs in India, they offer services from customer care and technical support to HR and finance. HCL’s strength lies in its global reach and diverse service portfolio.
  4. Concentrix: Concentrix is one of the renowned outsourcing companies in India. This company specializes in customer engagement and digital experience, Concentrix elevates client interactions to a whole new level. Their agile approach and focus on innovation make them a sought-after partner.
  5. Suntec India: Established in 1999 Suntec India is a multi-process outsourcing company that has already established itself as one of the top 10 BPO companies from India. Suntec provides services in data entry, e-commerce support, digital marketing, and mobile, and web application development, among others.

BPO companies in Hyderabad

BPO companies in Hyderabad

India has repeatedly proven its worth in the BPO industry. The city of Hyderabad in India is a dynamic hub of outsourcing in India. Renowned global giants like TDCX and PeopleTree Knowledge Services lead the outsourcing scene in this city. Quislex, Cavalry Info Pvt Ltd (CIPL), and Covent Informatics are also the heavyweights who lead this list. Let’s have a look at the 5 companies in Hyderabad you can consider while outsourcing to India.

  1. TDCX: TDCX is a global leader in customer experience management. Primarily TDCX serves in the industry of telecom, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, etc.
  2. PeopleTree Knowledge Services: PeopleTree is a BPO company known for its knowledge process outsourcing. This company offers outsourcing research, content creation, and information management.
  3. Quislex: Quislex is one of the best BPO providers in India offering legal process outsourcing. Quislex BPO offers legal research, document review, and e-discovery.
  4. ADP: ADP’s outsourcing solutions in India provide services in the fields of payroll, benefits administration, and HR outsourcing.
  5. Net2Source: Net2Source is on the list of the top 10 healthcare BPO organizations in India. Net2Source offers services in medical billing, coding, and transcription services.

BPO companies in Kolkata

BPO companies in Kolkata

Kolkata is a big player when it comes to BPO providers in India. Analytics show that the youth of Kolkata are a big driving force behind the boom of BPO companies in India for 2023. This city accommodates some of the biggest business process management company offices in India. Let’s dive in and find out the top 5 BPO companies in India in 2023 and 2024.

  1. Concentrix Daksh: Concentrix Daksh is a popular BPO in India that provides one of the finest CX solutions. Their service area covers customer service, technical support, back office operations & data analytics.
  2. Tech Mahindra: Tech Mahindra is one of the top 30 BPO companies in India. This multinational IT and BPO giant provides services in the field of Customer service, back-office automation, IT solutions, and HR BPO.
  3. Aegis Global: Aegis has offices in multiple cities in India being one of the renowned BPO services companies in India. Aegis provides services in multi-lingual support, technical helpdesk, and back-office operations for various industries.
  4. Maxicus: Maxicus specializes in CX management and has partnerships with some of the biggest brands worldwide. Their services offer CX services like voice chat, email, order processing, data management & virtual support, etc.
  5. TCS iConnect: TCS iConnect is a subsidiary of India’s biggest IT services company, Tata Consultancy Services. It specializes in customer service across various channels, technical support, and data analytics.

BPO companies in Ahmedabad

BPO companies in Ahmedabad

Indian BPO companies are known for their prowess in delivering BPO management worldwide. Ahmedabad is getting into the game strongly step by step. Technology companies in Ahmedabad are growing so are its capabilities. Based on the city’s large talent pool in Ahmedabad the BPO scene is growing and already has some of the top companies that are serving many global organizations including Fortune 500 companies. Here are five of them.

  1. Hermanos BPM Services: Hermanos is known for its professional, innovative, and business-oriented BPO approach. They have clients in the UK, USA, Australia & Canada. Hermanos has strong service zones around accounting and bookkeeping, staffing and recruitment, legal assistance, lead generation, and technology.
  2. QX Ltd: QX Ltd is a global group that has offices in countries including India. QX’s Ahmedabad office provides services in finance & accounts outsourcing, outsourced recruitment services, process management services, HR outsourcing, marketing services, and IT support.
  3. Calltel Info Solutions: Known for delivering high-quality service in customer interaction and call center operations. They offer services like lead generation, mortgage refinance, solar, reverse mortgage, debt settlement, and loan modification.
  4. Dhyey Consulting: Dhyey Consulting is a renowned process outsourcing company in India that Specializes in managing telephone-based services for customer interactions and support.
  5. WeSage BPM: WeSage BPM is a leading call center outsourcing company in Ahmedabad. They specialize in offering solutions to industries such as accounting firms, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, education, healthcare, etc. Their services cover customer support, back-office support, accounting and bookkeeping, and data labeling.

BPO companies in Bangalore

BPO companies in Bangalore

Bangalore aka the Silicon Valley of India accommodates India’s finest BPO providers. Employees in India are technologically advanced thanks to its technology-based education. Leading global professional services companies are leveraging this vast talent pool and creating great outsourcing centers in India. Bangalore has a lot to offer including customer support and technical assistance to finance and accounting, procurement, and IT support. Here are the top 5 BPO companies from Bangalore.

  1. Teleperformance: Teleperformance is a global leader in customer experience solutions & services. It operates in over 80 countries and employs a large workforce of over 20,000 professionals in Bangalore. Their services are within customer support, technical assistance, and sales support services.
  2. Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS): Hinduja Global Solutions aka HGS is a top global BPM services provider. In Bangalore, they have over 15,000 employees. HGS offers services like customer support, back-office processing, and IT assistance.
  3. First Source: First Source is a critical player in global BPM services. They also have over 15,000 employees in Bangalore and provide a broad spectrum of BPM services.
  4. Genpact: Genpact is a BPM leader that offers digital transformation services. They have over 12,000 professionals in Bangalore offering services in finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain, and customer service.
  5. Trupp Global: Trupp Global is a BPO company that offers a range of services aimed at supporting clients’ business needs. They offer services like back-office support, customer support, technical support, AI & ML data handling, content moderation, title, tax, and settlement services, etc.

Pros & Cons of Outsourcing BPO Services in India

BPO business in India was founded on the value of providing exceptional services while cutting costs and India is expected to continue its journey on that path. So if you are thinking of outsourcing your non-primary operations outsourcing to a BPO company in India would be a great choice. But you still need to look out for the pros & cons. Here are some of our top picks.

Pros & Cons of Outsourcing BPO Services in India

Final Verdict on Indian BPO Companies

The final verdict on Indian BPO companies hinges on balancing the considerable benefits against potential challenges. We have picked 5 top BPOs from different cities who also hold the position of top 10 BPO companies in India. The cost efficiency, access to a skilled workforce, and the opportunity to focus on core business areas make BPO companies in India highly attractive, especially for companies seeking to maximize resources and streamline operations.

Additionally, the flexibility and scalability offered by these services, along with the advantage of time zone differences, are significant positives that enhance productivity and customer service. However, for many BPO companies in India these advantages must be weighed against potential drawbacks like cultural and communication barriers, concerns over quality control, data security risks, and the potential loss of control over certain business processes.

Ultimately, for businesses considering outsourcing to Indian BPO companies, the decision should involve a thorough analysis of these factors about their specific operational requirements, goals, and risk management strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Top BPO Company in India

Who are the top BPO companies in India?

There are several top BPO companies in India each having their expertise. Some of them are Genpact, Infosys BPM, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, etc.

What services do top BPO companies in India offer?

Top BPO companies in India offer a diverse range of services for different business needs. Some of the common ones are customer service, back office operations, IT services, analytics and services, etc.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to a top BPO company in India?

Outsourcing to a top BPO company in India comes with numerous benefits. Some of them are:
Access to a skilled workforce at competitive rates.
2. Increased focus on core business activities.
3. Uninterrupted service delivery across time zones.
4. Leverage the BPO company’s specialized skills and knowledge.
5. Easily adjust resources to meet changing business needs.

How do I choose the right BPO company in India?

Choosing the right BPO company depends on your specific needs and requirements. Consider factors like:
Choose a company with experience in your specific industry.
2. Ensure the company offers the services you need.
3. Evaluate the company’s technology infrastructure and security.
4. Check references from other clients to understand their experience.
5. Compare pricing models and negotiate terms that suit your budget.

What are the challenges of outsourcing to India?

While outsourcing to India offers many benefits, there are also some challenges to consider. Those are,
Managing communication and collaboration across time zones.
2. Understanding and adapting to different cultural norms.
3. Ensuring the security of your sensitive data.
4. Monitoring and maintaining quality standards.
5. Overdependence on a single BPO provider.

How can I mitigate the challenges of outsourcing to India?

You can follow these steps to mitigate the challenges of outsourcing to India.
Develop clear communication protocols and processes.
2. Invest in cultural training for both teams.
3. Implement robust data security measures.
4. Establish clear performance metrics and service level agreements.
5. Maintain a diversified vendor portfolio.

What is the future of the BPO industry in India?

The BPO industry in India is expected to continue its strong growth in the coming years. Some of the key aspects you will find differences on are,
Increased automation and artificial intelligence adoption.
2. India’s large and educated workforce.
3. Businesses seeking cost-effective solutions.
4. Increased demand for BPO services globally etc.

Is BPO good for a career?

Yes, BPO is one of the fastest-growing sectors with excellent work environments and competitive wages. So you can pursue your career in the BPO industry.

How many BPO companies are there in India?

As of the last researched data, there are approximately 551 BPO companies in India.

Why consider outsourcing to a BPO company in India?

Outsourcing to India offers skilled professionals, cost-effective solutions, a favorable business environment, and a strong infrastructure.

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